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Hello. I have been registered on this site for a while but mostly been browsing. Currently, there is a new game I am releasing and want to introduce it to you.

I am releasing a 3rd person horror game, called Merendam Chapter 1, which I have been developing at my home by myself, under the developer name 'Erocona'.

Players acquire items as in a typical room escape/adventure game and solve puzzles using those items.

There are normal/hard modes available, so players who want to focus on puzzle elements can choose the normal mode, where ghosts do not appear.

I poured my heart into developing an entertaining game! I hope many people enjoy it and give it good ratings.

============ Game =============

In a remote village by a valley, there is a tale handed down to this day. In this now desolate place, a girl is shivering in stark terror.

What has happened here? There is a frigid shadow creeping from the darkness…Find out its origin with your abilities..

※ Those who consider their state of mind and body to be weak are advised not to play this game. Realistic appearances of the evil spirits might give you a heart failure.

This is not a mere scare tactic. The Elderly, pregnant and underageindividuals are restricted from playing this game.

Game features

A newly designed interface that is completely compatible with mobile environment.

An engaging story based on real designations and people.

An option to adjust difficulty according to one's playing capacities.

Fear of now knowing what or when it will appear.

Various and logical puzzle play

Apple Appstore link : https://goo.gl/utpD1B
Google Playstore link : https://goo.gl/jIlxla


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